If you are looking for the best law firm in Westlake, it is important to define what you mean by “best.” For example, are you looking for the “best” law firm as in experience levels or cost of legal services? What kind of legal matters do you require assistance with? The best criminal defense law firm might not be the “best” at corporate law. Ironing out these details can help you find a law firm that will be best for you.

At Schneiders & Associates, we have been told by many of our clients that they think we have the best law firm in Westlake. Two of the things that our clients seem to love most about working with our law firm unanimously is our wide range of legal expertise and our diverse team of lawyers with tremendous experience in different areas of law. Let’s review the kind of legal services our practice provides

Business Law

From forming a business to daily operations, having a trusted lawyer on-call can save you money, increase your profits, protect your best interests, and keep you in business longer!

Employment Law

Schneiders & Associates represents small businesses and corporations in employee-employer matters. We are here to consult as needed, and we’ll keep your business protected.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is crucial to making sure your legacy is passed on the way you want it, and estate planning can help your loved ones to avoid the probate process after your death.

Real Estate

At Schneiders and Associates, we have some of the most experienced real estate lawyers in Westlake. We represent both buyers and sellers, protecting their best interests and keeping them from being exploited or making costly mistakes.

Homeowners Association (HOA) Law

We offer legal services for the creation and enforcement of organizations and their rules that manage and community associations and help to maintain their appearance and value.

Non-Profit Law

With the IRS, honest mistakes can be deemed as charitable fraud. Schneiders & Associates might just be the best law firm in Westlake for the forming and operating of non-profit organizations!

Family Law

No other kind of law is as personal as family law. Unfortunately, family courts don’t always mete out justice. Don’t go into family court without an experienced lawyer. Contact the good lawyers of Schneiders & Associates for help.


Litigation is never fun, as it can be long, drawn-out, and costly. Still, there are times when litigation is unavoidable. It’s good to know that the honest lawyers of Schneiders & Associates can help you when you need litigation services.

Municipal Law

Cities and counties often have their own laws and regulations. Schneiders & Associates can protect your business and keep it in compliance with municipality law and help you resolve any issues that may arise.

If you need help in any of these areas of law, contact Schneiders & Associates for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll tell you if we can help you or not and give you some free advice about your legal matters.

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