Get My Money Back From The Police

In many instances where an arrest occurs, the law enforcement officers involved may seize your money, possessions, and property. If you are searching for a way to get my money back from the police, it is always good to learn about the process and why it happens. This could turn into a time-consuming and difficult process for many people to try to regain their items after the arrest is complete – unless they know how to proceed.

Can I Get My Money Back from the Police?

Yes. However, you need to know that various details of the arrest, the charges brought, and the case itself may bring you a level of difficulty while trying to retrieve your money or possessions. There are definitive steps someone can take as a way to reverse the seizure of cash. For example, a receipt should have been presented to the arrested individual after the search and seizure. This piece of paper explains each of the items that were taken and put into police custody after being removed through a warrant.

Under forfeiture and seizure law, the officers must itemize all things taken through a search warrant during a seizure. This warrant should also be filed and completed with the court’s office clerk no later than five days once the warrant was fulfilled with the target person. Once the filing takes place, a copy is accessible once everything is completed with the clerk or information provided with the criminal charges. In many instances, the receipt given to the searched person will have instructions listing how to retrieve any removed items.

Why Might Cash Get Taken?

Civil asset forfeiture lawyers can go over the details with you. Some officers may seize money that any targeted individual has in their possession. This could include cash or other items that could be cashed via a financial institution. A lot of instances of seizure will include drug possession, trafficking, or distribution. Should the accused person be believed to have drug involvement, anything could be seized during a search with a warrant. Under the right circumstances and proper procedure, officers can and are permitted to retain items, including cash. An officer may take items to keep them safe or prevent others from stealing them once a person gets arrested.

What Can I Do if My Assets Get Seized?

The best thing you can do when your cash or assets are seized is talk with a licensed lawyer within whatever state the assets were taken. The right lawyer, including international airport attorneys for those who have issues when traveling, will know the best way to proceed so that you can get back what is rightfully yours.

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Get My Money Back From The Police

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