When you buy a product, you have the right to expect that it will operate as advertised. You certainly have a right to expect that the product won’t hurt you. Unfortunately, a poorly designed or manufactured product can cause severe injuries. There have been thousands of products that turned out to be defective and caused horrible harm, injuries, and even wrongful death.

Our product liability lawyers have helped South Bay residents pursue justice and compensation for injuries related to shoddy products for decades. We take these cases seriously, and know how to use personal injury law to help innocent victims like you.

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Types of Defective Product Cases

Our injury lawyers have a tremendous breadth and depth of experience in pursuing defective products cases. We’ve handled cases involving a huge range of shoddily designed and constructed products, and we understand how to successfully represent injured victims.

Our product liability lawyers have handled cases involving:

  • Defective drugs and medical devices
  • Defective vehicle parts
  • Defective automobiles
  • Defective home furnishings (for example, electric space heaters)
  • Defective toys
  • Defective baby products

But it’s important to realize that this is far from an exhaustive list. If the product that hurt you isn’t mentioned above, you should still contact us to arrange a consultation. We’re capable of handling cases involving just about any kind of defective product.

Auto Defects & Defective Automobile Parts | Redondo BeachAuto Defects and Defective Automobile Parts

Poorly designed, manufactured, or otherwise defective vehicles can be especially dangerous as they can lead to horrible injuries and even death. An automobile is an exceptionally complicated machine, and if even one small part doesn’t work, the entire system can collapse, leaving the driver and passengers in danger. Recent years have seen many notorious cases of defective auto parts.

General Motors Recall

In 2014, General Motors (GM) issued a recall that involved over 30 million vehicles. The recalls began as GM discovered that defective ignition switches could cause vehicles to stay on when a person believed they were off or could turn off while the vehicle was being operated. These defects resulted in over 100 injuries and dozens of deaths.

Takata Airbag Recall

Additionally, the Takata airbag recall is an infamous example. It is a case where defective airbags can actually spray shrapnel on drivers and passengers. This recall involves millions of vehicles that are considered unsafe and require repair or replacement.

Vehicle Recalls our Auto Defect Lawyers Can Help With

There are many points of failure in a modern automobile. Auto manufacturers and auto part manufacturers have an obligation to design and manufacture products that work safely and in accordance with federal law. When they fail to do so, they can hurt innocent people.

Our auto defect lawyers have handled cases involving defective:

  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Steering wheels
  • Airbags
  • Seats
  • Engine parts

That is obviously not intended to be a comprehensive list. There are a lot of things that can go wrong with a car, any one of which can, tragically, prove fatal while on the road. For a more extensive list of recalled vehicles, you can visit this site to enter the VIN number for your vehicle and see if it has any active recalls. This site is provided by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Our auto defect lawyers can pursue compensation for your medical bills and other expenses related the injuries you suffered as a result of the defective part. We have a firm understanding of the complicated mechanical issues involved and know how to successfully pursue a defective product case in a California court.

What You Should Know about Product Liability Claims

Defective product claims are quite complicated and require a unique skill set and knowledge base. Your product liability lawyer has to understand the mechanical issues concerning the product involved, the medical problems you’re experiencing and all relevant laws.

Product liability claims near Torrance, CA

Fortunately, California has a very strict defective product law. Under California’s product liability statute, you must prove:

  • The company you’re suing manufactured the product
  • The product contained a defect
  • You were harmed
  • The defect played a substantial role in causing your harm

What’s notably lacking is any requirement that you prove the company acted maliciously or negligently in the design or construction of the product in question. It is usually sufficient to prove that there was a defect that hurt you, not that the defect was the result of negligence.

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