In a perfect world, private corporations and government agencies would always operate above-board and in accordance with the law. There would be no need for whistleblowers.

Reality is, of course, quite different from this perfect world. Companies behave unethically and illegally, and they often get away with it. This is where the brave whistleblower comes in.

A whistleblower is someone within an organization who witnesses illegal activity and exposes it to the proper authorities. State and federal laws protect whistleblowers, as policy makers recognize how crucial these brave individuals are, but whistleblowers still too often suffer retribution for their actions. Our whistleblower attorneys can protect you as you move through the legal process.

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Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

The chief federal law governing the actions of whistleblowers is the False Claims Act. Originally passed during the Civil War and amended several times since, the FCA is designed to punish private businesses that file fraudulent claims with the government and to incentivize whistleblowers to report such behavior.

It does so using monetary awards. Under the FCA, a whistleblower (also known as a “relator”) can file a so-called “qui tam” claim on behalf of the government against the fraudulent party. The government then has 60 days to decide whether or not to proceed with the case.

Whistleblower Attorneys South Bay - Kirtland & PackardIf the case is successful, the relator is given a reward of somewhere between 15 and 25 percent of any recovered damages.

This is a compelling incentive. And under California’s laws, whistleblowers are protected from retribution for their actions. But companies often find ways around these protections and seek to punish whistleblowers.

You need a skilled, experienced whistleblower attorney to protect you and your financial interests. Our lawyers understand the intricacies of the FCA and will ensure your case qualifies under the law. And we will also protect you from illegal retribution – we’re not afraid of large companies or their legal teams.

If you’ve witnessed illegal activity at your company in Redondo Beach or surrounding areas of Los Angeles County and you’re considering blowing the whistle, make sure you speak with our lawyers first to ensure everything is done in accordance with state and federal law. Please call Kirtland & Packard, LLP today at (310) 536-1000 for a free consultation.