In the aftermath of a devastating aircraft accident claim, you’re likely to be confused by what’s ahead of you. You might be dealing with your own catastrophic personal injury, or you might be trying to work through the loss of a loved one.

As such, you need information. Not a torrent of it, mind you – enough information, clearly stated, to help you make decisions in an informed and reasoned manner.

That’s the purpose of this page. Here, we’ll provide you with some of the important information you need to know about aircraft accident litigation. We hope it will help you in this difficult time.

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The More You Know…

Of course, the best way to ensure you have as much information as you need is to arrange a free consultation with our aircraft accident lawyers. We’ll be able to give you a comprehensive evaluation of your case and advise you based on the facts on the ground.

Still, here’s what you need to know about aircraft accident claims:

  • Aircraft accident litigation is extraordinarily complicated. Evaluating the true cause of an accident and determining liability requires a skilled, experienced eye. As such, experience in a lawyer is absolutely crucial. You need a lawyer with a proven track record of successfully handling these types of cases.
  • An act of Congress, The General Aviation Revitalization Act, limits the ability of victims to pursue a claim against airplane and airplane part manufacturers. It shields most manufacturers of aircraft carrying fewer than 20 people from liability if the plane is 18 years old or older, even if negligence was the cause of the accident.
  • However, GARA has certain limitations and exceptions. A manufacturer can still be held accountable if it withheld information directly related to the accident from the FAA or if the plane injured someone on the ground. Furthermore, the 18-year clock “resets” if a plan has parts below the 18-year threshold installed; so a 25-year-old plane with 12-year-old parts installed is not covered.
  • Under federal law, aircraft accident lawyers are prohibited from directly contacting you less than 45 days after a crash involving major loss of life. You are allowed to contact lawyers yourself, but attorneys cannot solicit you during that timeframe.

We know this is all a little complicated. Fortunately, we understand the legal and mechanical issues involved, and we will represent you with the skill, passion and ethical sensibility that has long defined our firm.

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