Zack Knight, Legal Assistant

Zack Knight is a legal assistant and intake specialist whose work at Kirtland & Packard LLP has been instrumental across a variety of litigation tasks – from case inception to trial. Zack focuses on managing Kirtland & Packard’s client relationships and materials in mass tort cases against product manufacturers of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and agricultural chemicals. Zack also has experience with employment and injury matters, preparing and reviewing discovery and deposition materials, medical records, and assisting attorneys with all other aspects of trial preparation.

Zack brings diverse skills from an extensive professional and volunteer background across the state of California, spending time working in Sacramento and San Jose as a civics advisor to the Cal YMCA Youth & Government program, working on sustainability initiatives for the city of Santa Barbara, working as a baker and a butcher in Oakland and Los Angeles, volunteering for political campaigns in the Central Valley, and working as an artist and designer from his home studio. Zack brings resourcefulness, positivity and clear perspective on labor and community into plaintiff practice.

Zack is a passionate student of nature, enjoying travels around the world and across the back-country of the American Southwest backpacking, tracking animals, shooting photos, and playing harmonica.