VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hi, I’m attorney Heather Baker Dobbs. If you have a burn injury due to someone else’s negligence it’s very important to hire a lawyer experienced in burn injury cases. Burns can be caused by fires, chemical exposure, electrical shock, or scalding liquids. But no matter how they’re caused burn injuries are unique from other injuries because of the extensive complication burn injuries can present. Burn injuries must often be treated at specialized burn centers where highly trained doctors and staff deal with the many unique treatments required by burns. It is important that your lawyer understand and be able to follow your course of treatment to make sure you receive the best medical care available. Not maybe just what an insurance company wants to pay for. You may also face issues regarding skin grafting, disfigurement, scarring, potential infection due to the loss of skin which is usually the body’s primary protection from germs and viruses and the psychological damages that burn victims often feel when their self perception and confidence are broken by such an injury. You should face these issues with the most experienced representation that you can. If you or a loved one have suffered a burn injury please call or email us today for a free consultation. Our phone number is (310) 536-1000 or please visit our website at