The cruel reality of modern medicine is that a significant injury is no longer just a physical problem – it’s an economic one. Catastrophic personal injuries are, to put it bluntly, expensive, and paying for them is a sobering prospect for most Americans.

This is certainly true of serious brain injuries. Victims of these injuries are facing a lifetime of staggering medical costs, all because someone else made a serious, avoidable mistake.

Our brain injury lawyers recognize the imperative of compensation in your situation. It’s not crass or litigious to think about money after your brain injury – it’s absolutely necessary.

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Medical Expenses Associated with Brain Injuries

Once a serious brain injury is diagnosed, you’re faced with the prospect of undergoing the appropriate treatment. The medical professionals involved with your care are surely capable, trained and skilled professionals, and they all care deeply about making you better.

However, this means their services are not cheap. Studies have found that the lifetime cost of a single traumatic brain injury can easily exceed $1 million, and that’s not a price many people can bear easily.

Victims of serious brain injuries have to deal with:

  • Multiple surgical procedures
  • Prescription medication, including painkillers
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • Mental health counseling

And those are just the direct costs. You also need to consider the long-term economic ramifications of such an injury. Many victims who suffer traumatic brain injuries lose a significant portion of their earning power, and many are unable to work and earn a living at all.

There are no guarantees in personal injury law. No reputable attorney can promise you a specific verdict or settlement. But our brain injury lawyers have a reputation for providing clients with skilled, tireless representation. We know how to successfully pursue the compensation you need and deserve.

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