July 4th Travel Forecast: 39.7 Million to Travel by Car

July 4th Travel Forecast: 39.7 Million to Travel by Car
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AAA has released its 2018 July 4th Travel Forecast and is predicting a 5.1% increase in car travel on and around the holiday. According to the forecast, 39.7 million people will travel 50+ miles by car, SUV, or truck between July 3rd and July 8th. Three of those days occur on weekdays when traffic is already difficult in and around Redondo Beach. This makes your behavior on the road during these times even more important.

​Taking Time Off?

If you are taking time off for the 4th of July, you may already be in rest-and-relaxation mode. Just be sure this mode doesn’t translate to driving while intoxicated. Drunk driving around July 4th is a leading cause of car accidents.

The National Safety Council is predicting 18,600 car accidents resulting in injury and 160 in death between July 3rd and 4th alone. Many of these accidents will involve alcohol or drug use. Many more will involve distraction, fatigue, and other easily avoidable hazards. As we approach these dangerous driving days, take time to assess your driving habits and take steps to eliminate those, such as cellphone use, that put you and others at risk for injury or death. Driving carefully, remaining alert and sober, and taking extra time to get where you need to go will all help reduce your risks of causing an accident on July 4th. Increased attention to the road may also help you react more swiftly to avoid being involved in an accident caused by someone else.

Not Taking Time Off?

Driving to and from work around mid-week holidays can be trying. In the South Bay area, many people will continue to commute to work even as holiday traffic increases – adding to already congested roads. One the best things you can do in these situations is relax.

Increased traffic means slower paces, less room to maneuver, and a longer time to get to your destination. There is nothing you can do about this. If you are going to drive, understand that you will almost undoubtedly be in heavy traffic. Budget extra time to help yourself remain calm in the face of it.

Just taking it easy can help save your life and the lives of those around you. The Insurance Information Institute reports that aggressive driving behaviors play a role in 56% of all fatal car accidents. You can avoid adding to this statistic by keeping your calm as you drive in heavier July 4th traffic this year.

Injured? We Can Help

Even if you are the safest driver on the road, it is not always possible to avoid an accident. If you are injured while driving this July 4th holiday week, the Torrance personal injury attorneys at Kirtland & Packard can help. With decades of combined experience and a proven record of securing large settlements for our clients, we know how to navigate these cases to help victims of serious injury get maximum compensation.

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