Motorcycle Accident Laws and Your Case

Los Angeles motorcycle laws
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Los Angeles motorcycle lawsAs experienced motorcycle accident attorneys, we have the knowledge of relevant motorcycle laws necessary to obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Here are three aspects of regulation that may interest you:

  • Lane-splitting: Currently, California has no law defining lane-splitting or regulating it. A bill is making its way through the legislature that would change that. AB 51 would describe lane-splitting and allow California Highway Patrol to provide lane-splitting guidelines for safety and educational purposes (not for enforcement purposes).
  • Wearing of helmets: In California, all riders are legally required to wear a helmet. It is unlawful to operate a motorcycle if the rider and any passengers are not wearing a helmet.
  • Speed limits: Motorcycles have to obey speed limits just like other vehicles. If you are speeding, a resulting accident could be catastrophic. Tragically, motorcycle riders can be easily killed when a motorist is speeding and careless.

Rest assured we will closely examine all of the details of your accident. Motorcycle riders are extraordinarily vulnerable to serious injury. While bikers sometimes have a bad reputation among motorists, it is oftentimes the motorists who cause these terrible accidents.

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