VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Hi I’m attorney Heather Baker Dobbs. A lifecare plan is how we present the future care and treatment you will need to present to a jury for their consideration in awarding you damages for future pain and suffering and medical care you will require. Our lifecare plans are prepared by trained medical professionals. Doctors and nurses who prepare detailed plan for future care you will need. It includes such things as medical care, future examinations or procedures, rehabilitation, medications you require in the future as well as the cost of each of these items. A lifecare plan can cover a few years or the rest of your life if the injuries you have will have lifetime effects. The plan is personalized projection of your future needs so that we can make sure to get you the award you will need to compensate you for your injuries. Call or email us today for a free consultation on your case. Our phone number is (310) 536-1000 or please visit our website at