What can a Personal Injury Attorney do for You?

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When you are injured in an accident, insurance companies will get to work quickly to offer you a settlement. One of the services a personal injury attorney provides is protection against the tactics that these companies may use to try and coerce you into accepting less than you are due.

Your personal injury attorney will review your claim, taking care to note current and projected damages, to help you understand what your injury is really worth.

Once you have accepted an insurance offer, you are ineligible to take legal action. Speaking to a personal injury lawyer before you accept an offer will help protect your best interests.

Establishing Liability

In many accidents, determining where fault should lie is a complex process that requires reconstruction, witness accounts, and other data to fully understand. Without an attorney on your side, there will not be anyone to conduct this investigation on your behalf, leaving you vulnerable to the findings of attorneys and insurance adjusters who work for the other side.

Accidents seldom involve just one person. When an accident involved other people, they may choose to work with an attorney. Without an attorney working for you, there is no way to ensure you are being treated fairly.

Taking Your Claim to Trial

Most personal injury claims settle outside of court. Mediation and settlement negotiations are best handled by an experienced attorney who has an understanding of what these claims look like. Having an attorney is also useful if a settlement cannot be reached and your claim goes to trial.

Personal injury attorneys are trial tested. They work with expert witnesses and other professionals to build strong cases. They know the types of arguments that will be brought by the other side. They know how to deal with court proceedings. All of this will prove useful if your case goes to trial.

We Are Here to Help

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