Workplace Harassment

Workplace Harassment
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In the state of California, workers enjoy a number of protections against all types of mistreatment. In addition to protections afforded to all workers in the United States, California has protections for political beliefs and activity, and was ahead of the federal courts in protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ employees.

If you suspect you have been mistreated by your employer, give us a call or use the contact form on this page to schedule a free consultation and learn about your rights.

The most common types of workplace lawsuits revolve around sexual harassment, age discrimination, and racial discrimination. These may involve wrongful termination of employment, but also things like being passed up for advancement, being denied performance and cost of living increases, or being forced to perform menial tasks that are below your abilities, job description, or duties.

Some workplaces are openly hostile, making it easy to pinpoint mistreatment. Others are trickier, more nuanced or well-hidden. In both instances having a skilled, experienced, and aggressive attorney on your side is one of the best ways to make sure your rights are protected.

You Deserve to be Treated Fairly

Discrimination is not science-based. Most of the distinctions people make between “self” and “other” are entirely imaginary.

Some people’s imaginations make them think they are entitled to mistreat those who do not look, think, or act like them. In the real world, this idea is patently ridiculous. In the workplace, it’s illegal – and we are here to help women and men who have faced discrimination and harassment hold those who would mistreat them to account.

Our employment lawyers will review your claim free of both cost and obligation to determine if you have cause to file suit. If we can assist with your claim, we will provide honest and actionable information about your options and potential outcomes.

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