In many burn injury cases, the broad cause of the tragic incident in question is negligent. Someone made a mistake and an innocent victim suffered the consequences. That’s where our lawyers come in- we fight for victims and their legal rights.

Of course, “negligence” is a very broad term that encompasses a huge range of serious mistakes and errors of judgement. We know there are many specific causes of burn injuries, and we understand the importance of discovering the exact reason you suffered your tragic injury.

You can’t can count on our experienced lawyers to launch a thorough, professional investigation.

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Negligence, Misconduct and Your Health

A significant, third-degree burn is undoubtedly a catastrophic personal injury. It affects the victim for the rest of his or her life and require years of expensive medical treatment just to render it bearable.

We have handled cases involving burn injuries that stemmed from:

Burns are also tragically common in cases involving defective products, especially defective vehicle parts. Any mechanism that requires some kind of power generation is vulnerable to a defect that can result in a serious burn injury.

The thing to remember is that liability is not always a simple matter. What can seem like a straight-forward situation (a car accident, for example) can, in fact, involve fault that needs to be traced back to a party hundreds of miles away.

Our lawyers will not rest until we’ve found the true cause of your injury. And once we find that cause, we will relentlessly pursue a case against whoever is responsible, even if the responsible party is large and financially connected.

You deserve a champion as you recover from your burn injury. We are that champion.

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