Class action litigation is big, it’s complex and it’s best left in skilled, experienced hands. At Kirtland & Packard, LLP, we have the required experience handling complicated class action litigation.

These cases require a keen understanding of legal matters in far-flung jurisdictions, not to mention a comprehensive knowledge of the technical issues involved in the case. Our class action lawyers can be trusted to represent you and all of your fellow litigants in your class action suit.

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What Is Class Action Litigation?

In most legal claims, there are just a couple parties involved. The harm was suffered exclusively by the person pursuing the claim and it was a one-time, localized event that resulted in the injury (physical or financial). However complicated the underlying case, the essential dynamic is relatively simple.

However, some cases are infinitely larger. A large number of people, often spread across the country, are hurt in a broadly similar way by the same party or parties. In these situations, litigating every individual case would be logistically impossible.

This is where the class action system comes in. For a case to be certified as a class action, it must:

  • Have a large number of plaintiffs
  • Involve claims that raise common factual and legal issues
  • Provide fair and adequate representation for the class of plaintiffs

These elements must be in place for a court to certify a class action claim. Keep in mind that earning certification is not the same thing as winning- it just means the case can go forward as a class action claim.

Common class action case types include:

Our class action lawyers are equipped to handle a wide range of cases. And should we decide that a given case is not appropriate for our firm, we will continue to help you by referring your case to a firm that has experience with that sort of claim.

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