Medical devices serve a multitude of purposes. In fact, there are so many different types of medical devices, it can seem overwhelming just trying to think of them all. But just as there are multiple devices with myriad uses, there is ample opportunity to harm – and when a medical device malfunctions or otherwise causes injury, victims may be entitled to seek compensation through a defective product lawsuit.

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Common Types of Defective Medical Devices

Defective medical devices may be defective by design, but poorly manufactured, inadequately tested, and hastily thrown together devices are some of the leading causes of harm. Many of these products are similar to safe products that are already on the market, but different enough to be dangerous – and in some cases deadly. Unfortunately, the process for approving new medical devices is extremely lax, with many even bypassing FDA testing before hitting the market. But even those products that have been tested can prove harmful, and victims deserve compensation for all related damages.

Some of the most common defective products include:

  • Trans-Vaginal Mesh. Common complaints include mesh degradation, migration, and organ perforation
  • Surgical Blankets. Deep joint infection has been linked to surgical warming blankets
  • IVC Filters. IVC filters can dislodge, migrate, and perforate organs
  • Hip Implants. Metal poising, implant failure, and metallosis are all common with metal hip implants
  • Pacemakers and Stents. Faulty pacemakers and drug-coated stents can pose fatal complications
  • Pain and Insulin Pumps. Foreign particles have recently resulted in pain pump recalls. Equipment failure and migration are all possible with insulin and pain pumps
  • Defibrillators. Certain defibrillators are linked to electrical shock and similar hazards
  • Surgical Robots. System failures, surgical errors, and fatal complications are linked to surgical procedures performed by robots

Many defective or dangerous medical devices are recalled, but even those considered safe may cause harm. If you have sustained a serious injury from a medical device, even if that device is still actively being manufactured, you may be entitled to seek compensation for your damages. The best way to find out is through a free consultation with one of the product liability attorneys at Kirtland & Packard.

Damages in a Defective Medical Device Claim

Damages that can be sought in a defective medical device claim include:

  • Additional surgeries and medical treatments
  • Wages lost during injury and recovery
  • Any home modifications necessary for your comfort
  • All other financial expenses related to the device

With the help of an experienced attorney, you can also seek compensation for pain and suffering, issues that are not considered during insurance settlements that may have a profound impact on your future happiness.

When you are injured or a loved one is killed by a dangerous or defective medical device, it is always a good idea to talk to an attorney. Medical professionals and their representatives have a vested interest in preventing legal action. You have the right to take action in order to seek fair and full compensation for your expenses and suffering.

We can Help

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We understand how devastating it can be to rely on a medical device only to face additional dangers and harm. We are here to help victims of these sometimes criminally negligent companies get the justice they are due.

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