VIDEO TRANSCRIPT: Kirtland and Packard was founded in 1932 as a small trial firm whose partners believed they could make a difference by devoting themselves to the science and art of winning lawsuits. Today we maintain our commitment to excellence in and out of court, to making a difference not to just making a living. Our firm’s partners have received many awards for their trial and litigation accomplishments and in fact are ranked among the top one percent of litigators in the nation in six distinctive practice areas: personal injury, wrongful death, mass tort cases, class actions and automobile defects. Our firm is nationally recognized for the appellate cases we handle and for the laws we have helped change for the benefit of consumers throughout the United States. So while many other firms have frequent meetings to discuss how to increase profiteers per partner or how to raise per partner incomes, we continue to judge our success instead by the people whose lives we change. If you have been injured or harmed by another please give us a chance to see if we can win you the compensation you deserve. Our phone number is (310) 536-1000 or visit us at