Can You Sue a Credit Card Company?

Can You Sue a Credit Card Company?

In 2016, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau proposed a rule to prohibit banking institutions from putting mandatory arbitration clauses in their contracts, opening the door for legal action from both classes and individuals. In 2017, Donald Trump signed a resolution that killed the effort, allowing banking institutions and credit card companies to force wronged individuals into arbitration where these powerful interests are less likely to be held fully accountable.

Can you sue a credit card company? Sometimes, but it is not an easy task. This is one of the biggest reasons to have an attorney on your side. If you believe you have a case against a credit card company, call our Redondo Beach office at (310) 536-1000 to schedule a Free consultation and let our attorneys help you determine the next best step.

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Why Would You Sue a Credit Card Company?

One of the most common reasons to seek damages from a credit card company is fraudulent interest rate hikes, which were made illegal by the passing of the CARD Act in 2009. This act also:

  • Limits charges on Universal Default
  • Mandates advanced warning of interest rate hikes
  • Requires card companies provide clear information on:
    • How long a balance will take to pay down at the current minimum payment rate and;
    • Provide enhanced language for fees and penalties to clarify their structure
  • Limits the targeting of younger consumers through giveaways and other youth-oriented promotions

Another common reason to seek damages from a credit card company is failure to disclose. When information is withheld or made intentionally misleading, consumers may be entitled to compensation through legal action. The best way to find out if this is the case for you is through a private, one-on-one consultation with one of the attorneys at Kirtland & Packard.

Why Choose Us?

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Founded in 1932, Kirtland & Packard has a long and impressive history of securing large settlements and verdicts for our clients and we welcome an opportunity to meet with you free of charge and discuss your case, your rights, and your options.

There are numerous reasons a person may want to sue a credit card company but such actions are made difficult by protections that favor corporations over humans. We are here to evaluate your claim and provide you with honest information about the viability of your claim and to help you find the most effective ways to get the justice you are due.

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