Signs You May Have a Spinal Cord Injury

Signs You Might Have a Spinal Cord Injury | Los Angeles, CA
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Signs You Might Have a Spinal Cord Injury | Los Angeles, CAWhether the result of whiplash in an auto wreck or an accident on the job, spinal cord injuries frequently have an outsized negative effect on your long-term health. They often lead to chronic pain, nerve damage, or even paralysis. But not all spinal injuries are immediately noticeable. It’s possible to suffer damage to your spinal cord, and suffer ill effects from that damage, without learning what is causing it.

Because your spinal cord functions as a nerve center for your body, it can be possible to suffer a serious spinal injury and not know it at first. Your chances of recovering from such an injury depend on getting treatment as soon as possible, so seek medical attention as soon as you begin to notice symptoms.

Symptoms of a spinal cord injury may include:

  • Exaggerated reflexes
  • Pain or an intense stinging feeling in your back
  • Loss of any sensation somewhere on your body
  • Inability to feel heat or cold
  • Loss of bladder control
  • Changes in sexual function
  • Difficulty with breathing or clearing your throat

If you are having any of these symptoms, get to a doctor as soon as possible. Once your condition has stabilized, you can meet with a personal injury lawyer to figure out who was responsible for this injury.

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