Behram V. Parekh at Courtroom Warrior, is the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles who has helped his clients receive over $300 million in verdicts and settlements. While you focus on recovering from the injuries after a devastating car accident, we are here to take care of your case's legal aspects and help you recover a fair settlement for your medical expenses and property damage.

Can my carelessness affect my personal injury claim?

Suppose you have enough reasons to believe that your carelessness partly caused the accident. In that case, you may still get some compensation from the other person who was also partly responsible for the accident. The judge or insurance adjuster may determine liability by comparing both parties' carelessness involved in the accident. The share of liability will determine the percentage of the damages you will receive from the other party.

Unfortunately, there is no formula for arriving at a precise number when comparing and determining carelessness. During claim negotiations, you or your attorney will discuss all the factors leading to the accident with an insurance adjuster and determine negligence. Hiring the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles can help you negotiate and ensure the maximum compensation for your injuries and damages.

What to do immediately after a car accident?

Accidents are inevitable and will occur when you least expect them. While it's natural to feel restless and agitated after a car accident, take a deep breath, pull yourself together, and focus on the following:

  1. Safety – If you or anyone in your car needs medical help, rush to a nearby hospital, or seek first aid. But refrain from attempting any medical treatment in an emergency.
  2. Seek medical and legal help – Contact medical care providers, the police, and insurance providers. Make sure to provide truthful statements about the accident to the responding police officer. Call a skilled car accident lawyer in Los Angeles to guide you moving forward.
  3. Exchange contact information – Exchange phone number, email address, and insurance information with the people involved in the accident, and avoid talking extensively with anyone at the accident site.

Refrain from making statements such as “I feel guilty” or “I feel so sorry, it's my fault,” etc. Also, do not attempt to speak to the other party's attorney or insurance company without talking to your attorney first.

How to prove fault in car accidents?

To prove fault in any car accident, you must have proper evidence (photos, video footage from roadside cameras), police statements, witness statements, and a complete record of your medical bills and other losses resulting from the accident. Hiring a skilled personal injury attorney can offer you legal guidance and prove fault, which can help you receive a favorable case outcome.

Contact the best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, Behram V. Parekh, by reaching us at 310-627-0332. Courtroom Warrior is a leading law firm in Los Angeles with an experienced panel of attorneys and a successful track record. Don't leave your personal injury claim to chance; discuss your case's prospects with our experts today!

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