Employment discrimination and wrongful termination happen more often than you might assume. Powerful large corporations sometimes believe formal legalities don't apply to their business practices.

Employers and professional industries typically obtain in-house legal counsel when facing legal proceedings of any kind. If the opposition has legal counsel, it makes sense for you to have a representative in your corner. The first advised step to take after being terminated is to gather evidence that supports your legal claim and call Kirtland & Packard.

Kirtland & Packard can offer assistance to people who were wrongfully terminated in Los Angeles. Our law firm will connect you with the top wrongful termination lawyer in Los Angeles.

Most businesses provide new employees with company handbooks or guidelines that contain complete lists of the corporation's rules. The Los Angeles employment lawyers working for Kirtland & Packard politely request clients to obtain a copy of the company rules. Employees with official employment contracts are encouraged to present documents to our employment discrimination law firm.

Best Employment Discrimination Lawyers Near Los Angeles, CA

Employment law is one of the many legal sectors practiced by our team at Kirtland & Packard. We have earned our ranks among the best LA employment lawyers and law firms through our years of professional service.

The Kirtland & Packard staff suggest collecting records and paperwork that help prove you were a victim of discrimination or wrongful termination. Terminated employees with official contracts or union representatives typically settle quickly, outside a courtroom. Proving wrongful termination or employment discrimination without a legally binding employment contract isn't impossible, but it is much more complicated than contracted agreement cases.

Kirtland & Packard also recommends gathering evidence that showcases your performance as an employee. If you never received disciplinary action for any reason, it is essential evidence worth presenting with your legal case.

It is senseless for companies to fire good employees with quality performance records. Collecting as much evidence that proves your employee performance can significantly influence your case results.

What Qualifies as Wrongful Termination in Los Angeles?

In Los Angeles, several protections are in place that prevents employers from discriminating against an existing or potential employee. Being fired for your political affiliation, race, or gender identity is a viable example of employment discrimination and wrongful termination.

People passed over for workplace advances or raises because of their sexual orientation or union affiliations also get categorized as employment discrimination victims. Kirtland & Packard represents adults from all walks of life who face discrimination within the Los Angeles workplace.

A few fair reasons to fire an employee include conduct, performance problems, and redundancy. Breach of contract or restrictions is also considered adequate to fire an employee regardless of its status.

Reputed Courtroom Warrior Ready for Battle

Kirtland & Packard continually fights as courtroom warriors on behalf of people who were wrongfully terminated. Even if you aren't sure about your case's validity, don't hesitate to call 310-536-1000 to receive a free case review. Kirtland & Packard has openings for free consultations with new clients in Los Angeles. Please consider our prestigious law firm for all of your legal needs!

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