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At the Courtroom Warrior, we have always been advocated against sex crimes against men and women. Michael Louis Kelly is a leading sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles, helping victims seek justice and rightful compensation with utmost sensitivity and confidentiality.

What is hostile work environment harassment?

If an employer engages in unwelcome workplace conduct and creates a hostile and offensive working environment, it falls under hostile work environment harassment. Hostile work environment harassment must meet the following conditions:

  1. Based on sex – The harassment should be based on gender and can include bullying, offensive speech, inappropriate conduct at the workplace, etc.
  2. Unwelcome conduct – You must have experienced unwelcome conduct from the harasser. Regardless of whether you go along with the harassment or not, the unwelcome conduct still falls under hostile work environment harassment in the state of California.
  3. Offensive to a reasonable person – The alleged sexual act or conduct must be objectively offensive, meaning any reasonable man or woman should find the act offensive when they view it from the victim’s perspective.

The state of California defines sexual harassment as conduct so pervasive that it creates an abusive working environment for the victim. If you have enough reasons to believe that you face sexual harassment at work, meet with one of our experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers to help you file a personal injury claim.

What is Quid Pro Quo Harassment?

If your supervisor requires you to submit to sexual advances and threatens you with adverse employment action, it is called Quid Pro Quo. You can sue someone for Quid Pro Quo harassment only if the harasser is in a position to take tangible employment action against you.

If a co-worker asks for sexual favors, you cannot sue them under Quid Pro Quo harassment but can sue them on the grounds of hostile work environment harassment. Meet with a Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyer to determine the type of harassment you are facing at the workplace. In this scenario, an expert's assistance is ideal for obtaining the optimal outcome.

What our sexual harassment lawyers can do for you?

As a top-rated sexual harassment law firm in LA, CA, we can help you understand your rights, help you file a case, assess your claim's value, and assist you in filing the paperwork. Our sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles, CA, can investigate your case, gather evidence, interview witnesses, and build a strong case in your favor. Michael Louis Kelly is one of the best Los Angeles CA sexual harassment attorneys with an impeccable track record in fighting sexual harassment cases.

Reach us at 310-536-1000 to schedule a free consultation with our sexual harassment lawyer in Los Angeles. We understand the humiliation and shame that you may feel after a sexual harassment incident. Speak to one of our attorneys at Courtroom Warrior to learn your rights and understand how you can penalize the party/parties responsible for your physical, mental, and emotional trauma. We're available for info and details on our services.

Sexual harassment lawyer Los Angeles

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